Soapy Smith of the Wild West: Crime Boss, Con Man and Colonel of Colorado

A bit of history for you this week. There are famous outlaws, lawmen and ranchers in the history of the Wild West, men who made their names with a gun and a quick draw. Jefferson Smith is probably the only … Read More

Planning Your Summer Vacation (try unplugging for a bit)?

With everything seemingly turning corporate or franchised, it is a comfort to know a family owned dude ranch offering the vacationing family a down home, old-fashioned good time. The cyber world stays inside when you come to The Black Mountain Ranch, a … Read More

What is Our Brand?

Our friends at 5280 Magazine recently took a look at a few ranches in Colorado’s brands. You can see our ranch, Sylvan Dale, 4UP Ranch and Laramie River’s brands here: You can read the article here.  Thanks again 5280!  

Leave the Arena Behind: It’s Time for a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation!

Hey there, horse enthusiasts! Are you getting a little tired of just going around and around in circles? No matter how nice the indoor or outdoor arena is where you normally ride, it just can’t compare to mounting up in … Read More

Easy Horse Riding Stretches Make Your Dude Ranch Vacation All Smiles and No Sores

Even if you are a beginner at horse riding, a few easy stretches can keep you comfortable in the saddle on your dude ranch vacation. See how increasing your flexibility can improve your horsemanship, and help you enjoy an unforgettable … Read More

Disney Alternatives: Mickey vs Mr. Ed

So you’re planning your next vacation. The kids want to hit the rides, go swimming and eat as much junk as they can con you into. You, on the other hand, want to see the sights, but not from hundreds … Read More

Week 14 Dude Ranch Review

Another busy week for us at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch! Huge thank you to our photographer Nicola for the fantastic shots! Adults only weeks are the only thing left.

2014 Season Halfway Point!

We just looked and we are almost halfway through our 2014 season! How quickly time flies! What has happened so far this season? We truly have an amazing staff and have fantastic guests. Every year, at some point during the … Read More