Summer 2017, Week 17

Well our official season has ended but we are still up to our usual shananagans here and I thought I would post and update. We had a wonderful week of staff bonding and hanging out. The week included 55-65 mile … Read More

Summer 2017 – Week 14

Well we just said goodbye to another group of amazing people. This morning was like saying goodbye to family. Yes there were tears but also many promises to return here together next year or the following. So now we all … Read More

A Rooster, Kids Growing Up and a Rodeo (Ranch Update)

Exciting news this week! Our Rooster, who we all love so dearly (cough cough), produced a child! We were all skeptical, so Zach & Cyndy put eggs in an incubator and one of them hatched.  It is our first chick … Read More