Stronger Than You Think

My mom is new to the world of hunter jumper shows. She rode horses her entire life, but never set foot into the world of A and AA shows until I started moving up and we wanted to ride together. … Read More

English goes Western

I learned to ride on a pistol of a pony named Peanut. He was a 13.2hh brown Paso Fino pony, with fire in his belly and a spark in his eyes. Always quick on the draw, I fell off of … Read More

The Squeak of Leather

All horseback riders know this sound. That comforting, repetitive sound of leather rubbing against leather as the horse moves underneath you. For new tack this noise can be harsh, uncomfortable, but with a good cleaning and conditioning, the sound fades … Read More

It’s Not Too Late

I am writing to you in a very contented state, considering I was finally able to go home and show my horses this past weekend. Rolex and Dante were absolutely fantastic, and we performed wonderfully after having little training over … Read More

There’s Always Hope

Today I received a call from my mom. “Happy Birthday!!!” she yelled into the phone, bringing a smile to my face. After some chitchat regarding how my day went and how lucky I was to have such good friends to … Read More

What To Do in a Dry Spell…

We’ve all been there. For one reason or another, things overwhelm us, and the barn is a mere distant memory. You forget the feel of the reins in your hands. You hardly remember the exact color and softness of your … Read More

On Horses and Relationships

So Sunday night marked the end of my three year relationship with a wonderful individual I had met in high school. He had helped me through some hard times throughout freshman and sophomore year, but as this third year loomed … Read More

Lost and Found

Hello Readers, You may be wondering why I am so late with my post today, and for my tardiness I apologize. I promise I am a usually punctual individual who honors her time commitments, but on Sunday night my front … Read More