Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Good Tidings To Y’all!

  Hey everyone! Merry Christmas, even if it is a day late! I’m really busy with last minute moving details, but I wanted to write a blog post anyway to see how everyone was doing. What did y’all get for … Read More

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Bug Off

  Hello everyone! I hope y’all are havin’ a nice week, and if not, well, I hope it gets better! We’re going to continue on our medical discourse today, because I’m off on a tangent now, and there’s nothing worse … Read More

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Not Awesome, Possum

  Whoa, readers! These last few days have been a whirlwind of packing, room dust, and more packing. Moving is hard! Enough complaining, though, because this week’s subject is pretty important, at least to me. EPM. Kind of run-of-the-mill, yeah? … Read More

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Go Against The Grain!

  How’s it going, audience? Good? Good. Me, I’m sitting here on my living room couch, procrastinating on packing my room up until the last minute, as usual. As I sat, I thought of something: hey, wouldn’t my blog readers … Read More

horses running out to pasture

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Sack Your Horse!

  Oh no, it’s that time again! Time for Katie to tell y’all some ridiculous fact, or rant about why you should, or shouldn’t, do that whatever it is with your horse. What I wanna’ discuss this week is sacking … Read More

Dude Ranch Horses in Pasture

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – Sour Horses

Hey readers! Hope you’re having a good week, filled with plenty of horsey goodness. Today, I want to talk about why the terms “buddy sour” or “herd sour” are ridiculous words coined by the traditional equestrian world. If you’re particularly … Read More

horses at our colorado dude ranch

Wranglin’ Wednesdays – So, Your Horse Abuses You

We interrupt your productive work week to bring you this post about: disrespectful/dangerous horses. First things first, I’m Katie, and your Wednesdays will now be filled with me yammering about horses! As one of my favorite cowboys (hint: John Lyons) … Read More