Tarps, Puddles and Other Scary Horse Eating Things

So you want to introduce something spooky to your horse. It may be a new environment or a new object, or maybe it isn’t anything new at all but that darned puddle that he is always worried about. Helping horses … Read More

Ian Miller and Big Ben: Throwback to My Childhood Heroes

I recently came across a few of the horse books I had when I was younger. My family recently moved and in that process we uncovered a bunch of old items and junk, which had been tucked away in our … Read More

Thursday’s Treats for the Entire Family this Holiday Season

It’s already December 13th if you can believe it. 2012 is almost over, and Christmas is nearly here. How many of you have your shopping done already? Or have at least started? This year I did some planning in advance … Read More

Beluga’s Bumps, Bruises and Other Updates

I’ve had baby Beluga for two months now, which is crazy to think because it feels like much longer. The progress we’ve made together has been wonderful and doesn’t seem possible under such a short period of time. She is … Read More

Saving the Wild Horses of North America and How Extreme Mustang Makeover is Getting it Right

Canada has one of the lowest population densities in the world with only 3.5 persons per square kilometer – this is a lot of space to share, not only with other people, but also with the animals who inhabit the … Read More

Pretty is as Pretty Does: Lessons from “The Black Stallion”

Earlier this week I had an afternoon to myself with nothing to do and I found myself bored in front of the T.V. flipping through the channels. There was absolutely nothing on, and I probably went through the whole list … Read More

Take the Lead

Winter arrived on the farm this year the same time Beluga did. The forecast called for below zero temperatures and several inches of snow in the morning. The haulers were late, and for once the weatherman was right. First they … Read More