Nearing Fall

As summer’s winging down, and as it’s approaching fall, it’s starting to get a little chilly up in the mountains. The days try to bridge the gap between sunny blue skis, and low hanging clouds. But we take that all … Read More

Best of Week 15

This past week at BMR was a great one. In addition to what normally happens, we had three Irishmen, who were fun-loving and totally hilarious. It was good to have guests who were from a different part of the world. … Read More

The BMR Cowboy Style ALS Challenge

It is nearing the end of summer, but that hasn’t stopped us from doing what we love! What a season we have had with an amazing list of guests and staff. 2014 is one to remember. The manager of BMR … Read More

Week 13 at Black Mountain Ranch

When you come up to Black Mountain Ranch, you don’t have to just ride horses, although that’s part of the experience. You can also work on archery, row canoes, and fish. Every day in the evenings, we let the horses … Read More

Best of Week 12

Archery, pool, singing and playing a guitar all make for a great time at the ranch. The guests rode hoses through the hills, went lake swimming, and even listened to a cowboy play a guitar and harmonica, while one of … Read More

A birthday, rodeo time, and some swimming

Week eight was a great one for Black Mountain Ranch. We had kids swim off the dock in Jake’s Lake, and that was the first time they did that this summer. A few of our wranglers, Nate and Helen, competed … Read More

Renewed Dude Ranch Vows, Jake’s Lake Swimming & Happy Horses: Week 9 at Black Mountain Ranch

Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch is a great place to escape everything! This last week, BMR had 40 guests, which is the capacity for the ranch. While here, people can ride horses, lasso cows, and even go swimming in Jake’s … Read More