BMR 2016 Summer Week 15

Best of BMR – Week 15. Hi guys, the second week of our season ending adults weeks and we had 19 guests enjoying some great riding as fall arrived in the Rocky Mountains. Lovely to see returning friends Frankie, Kat … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 14

BMR Best of Week 14. Sorry for the lack of communication, your friendly photographer was off for Week 13. Back in the saddle for Week 14 and the pitter patter of tiny feet has gone, the kids are back in … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 12

BMR Best of Week 12 – As the summer starts to wind down and fall approaches, we are still having some fantastic weather at the ranch and some fabulous guests making the most of it. Two families from the UK … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 11

Best of Week 11 – Phew! Our biggest week ever, 46 guests came to get their slice of BMR heaven, keeping Chef Bob on his toes, the wranglers on their game and the girls of housekeeping busy. Great to see … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 10

BMR Best of Week 10 – They say in Colorado “If you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes!” and that was certainly the case this week as we started the week off with a thunderstorm that yielded a wonderful … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 9

Best of BMR Week 9. 38 guests this week including 12 returners. A whole range of ages from 9 years old to 80 and a great range of riding skills too, from ‘never evers’ to English style hunter/jumpers and Western … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 8

Best of Week 8. Hi there, apologies for nothing last week and the delay this week. I was off Week 7 and then we’ve had some internet problems this week. Anyway here with the best of Week 8. 35 guests … Read More

BMR 2016 Summer Week 6

Best of Week 6. 45 guests this week including 29 that formed a family reunion. American Independence day on Monday was celebrated by us dressing up the saloon and the lodge as well as painting horses and faces red white … Read More