Best of Week 14: Kids are Back in School

We cannot believe what an amazing August it has been on the ranch! Now that summer is coming to an end and the kids are back to school, we begin to wind it all down with our last month of the season. … Read More

Best of Week 13: Last Family Week of the Season!

This past week was our last family week of the summer season. We had 38 guests (full house!) and apart from a short sharp bit of hail and rain on Monday the weather was perfect for ridin’ and ropin’. The kids were … Read More

Steamboat Springs Rodeo!

Yeehaw! The Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo is a rockin’, buckin’, wild ride! During the summer season, all our guests get to experience the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo every Friday night. What we’ve got up here is a very special event, … Read More

Best of Week 11: Kids Galore!

Whew, what a full house we had last week! Over 40 guests stayed with us, including lots of families with young kids, most of whom were having their first experience at a dude ranch! The kids immediately fell in love with … Read More

Vail Veterans at Black Mountain Ranch

Just over a week ago we hosted  14 people from the Vail Veterans program. The group included young men and their families who have been hurt serving our country. The group included four double amputees, but this didn’t stop anyone from … Read More

Best of Week Nine: Sunshine, Rain, and Birthdays!

Summer is in full force out here in Colorado high country. If you’re familiar at all with Colorado weather, you’ll know she has a hard time making up her mind. This means we get drops of rain, followed by scorching … Read More

Best of Week Eight: Wildflowers and New Faces

  Wildflowers in bloom welcomed our 34 guests of week eight of our beautiful summer season at Black Mountain Ranch! We had just under 35 guests at the ranch, and all were newcomers. It was quite the fun-fueled experience, since … Read More

Best of Week Seven: Sunshine & Rain

Black Mountain Ranch saw a full house again this past week. We had about 40 guests, with 9 returning. We had to deal with quite a lot of unpexptected weather this past week, from thunderstorms to hail, and then right … Read More