We got the best post on our Facebook page from one of our guests, Cathy Weeks! She came out to visit our Colorado Dude Ranch in August for one of our Adult’s Only Weeks! Cathy’s trip out to Black Mountain Ranch was at the top of her “Bucket List”! We feel so lucky to be such a huge part of our guests lives!

Wearing Chinks at our Colorado Dude Ranch

 My chinks I wore during my stay at BMR arrived today. Those of you that know how I am, ya hafta know I cried. Am so glad I bought them…. Great memories. Will look forward to wearing them again on the ranch in the future. Thanks again for this life changing experience and keeping the American west alive. Miss y’all! ♥

We look forward to seeing you again at Black Mountain Ranch Cathy! We will be sure to have one of Chad’s famous Margaritas ready for you at up at Pack Camp! Care to join us next summer at the ranch? We are ready for you! Send an email to [email protected] or give us a call today! 1-800-967-2401

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