Our horses are professionals at giving folks without much riding experience fantastic experiences. It is their job.

Here is a sampling of who we have to ride and what they are like. We have over 70 horses in our dude string, so not every horse is listed on our website.


Apache is a favorite for many returning guests and advanced riders.

Apache Horse




Known for her half-draft size and gentle manners, Gila is a favorite of large riders and children. Half-drafts are known as gentle giants, and Gila is both!



Taffy is one of our great horses for kids. A gentle ride and a great attitude, she is a great horse for any beginner or small riders!

Taffy, one of our great Kid's horses

Smokey and Conager 

Conager is a personal horse of Brice May, our Barn Manager. Conager is a great horse with a fast stride!

Two horses at black mountain ranch


Rush is a great horse for any intermediate or advanced rider. Here Rush is cooling off after a long ride up to pack camp.

Dude Ranch Horse, Rush

Rush on the trails


Boomer is a great horse for any intermediate rider. He is a smooth horse with a gentle gait and a personality to fall for!

Boomer, a dude ranch horse


Nacho, nach-0 average horse, is a great horse that is wiling to do anything. We promise he won’t do this while you are riding! Here he is cooling off and scratching an itch after a long day on the trails!

Nacho, one of our dude ranch horses


Fred is another great horse for intermediate to advanced riders. He has a great stride and is a very comfortable ride. Fred is always up for a long ride and has a great temperament.

fred, the horse

fred on the trails


Desperado resting but alert at Jake’s Lake for a dinner ride.



Josie working in the Arena at our Colorado RanchJosie at our Colorado Dude Ranch


Smokey working the arena.

Smokey, a horse at black mountain colorado dude ranch



Danny resting while the group snacks on lunch out on the trails.

Danny at Black Mtn Ranch

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