Odysseo: A Dream Voyage Lead by Horses

Cavalia newest show Odysseo

Cavalia’s newest show, Odysseo, opened February 29th in Miami, Florida announced last friday that they extended the show until March 18th due to overwhelming reception in South Florida. Odysseo is described being a beautiful and captivating display of the connection between horses and humans:

The spellbinding show is a renewed tribute to the relationship humans and horses have forged over thousands of years. With our faithful companions by our side, we have travelled to the four corners of the globe, built bridges between cultures and brought people from all over the planet closer together. Odysseo is a singular expression and celebration of this exceptionally moving journey.

For all of our friends that live near Miami, be sure to get tickets while they in town! If you have already been, we would love to know what you thought. We are crossing our fingers that the show will make an appearance in Colorado!


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