Heading back from Dinner Ride

Summer is here and our first week was a blast at our Colorado Dude Ranch! We offer week long all inclusive vacations at Black Mountain Ranch. Tucked away from the cities about an hour north of Vail we use our summers to treat guests and their families to vacations we hope they never forget!

We had an amazing group of guests up at the ranch this week that were excited for all Colorado has to offer. Thanks for making our opening week amazing! Take a gander at a glimpse of what a week at BMR looks like:

Arrive at the ranch. horsebypond  

Shortly after, we offer a family style BBQ dinner and while you settle in and get to know your neighbors… bbq

Our herd of 70 horses is eager to greet you. Rested fully from winters vacation, they are equally as excited as our guests to hit the freshly cleared trails the next morning… theo

Our donkey, Hugo, soaking up some much needed love from a new friend.hugo

Monday morning you head out of the trails for a nice two hour ride on the ridge. Amazing views and your wrangler will give you the tour while you adjust to your saddle.rufusridge


After a lunchtime break and some down time around the ranch, we jump back in the saddle for a ride up to Jake’s Lake. trails

Nowell, the ranch manager, greets guests with dinner already cooking over an open fire. dinnerride


Relax with a little fishing, trying your hand at canoeing (Our Wrangler’s Amy & Malory giving it a go) before you head back down to the ranch…


Watch the horses stampede out to pasture. 400A3261         

Or kick back outside the saloon with a cold beer… 400A3697           400A3694   

Time to try out your dancing shoes, our evenings spent in our saloon are always a blast. 400A3923400A3981

Wake up rested greeted by your companion who is ready to hit the trails again… How about a long lunch ride to Lookout Point? 400A4059400A4067     

Time for a break from the saddle with an afternoon where your wrangler teaches you a few tricks of the trade at our shooting range….



Later in the week, when you are feeling more comfortable in the saddle it’s time to head down to the arena for some old fashioned games on horseback….IMG_7777IMG_8056


Saturday mornings we head out on our weekly cattle drive so we can check on our new calfs and tend to the herd. black mountain ranch cattle drive




  1. Annette Williams

    Man these pics are great and making me wish I could be there, gotta save money, maybe next year 🙂

  2. dean

    noel…..i am on my way…….in colorado in august…….love to see y’all….Dean xx

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