Do Redditors Love a Dude Ranch?

Oh Reddit, how we love you.  A quick thank you for the years of awesome community.

Alright, here is the deal. You need better stories. Tired of being forever alone or just looking for that perfect week away with your special someone or family? How about riding a horse on a Guest Ranch in the Colorado Rockies?  Your week includes white water rafting, fantastic dining, an overnight pack trip, a longhorn cattle drive, fly and spin fishing, rifle and trap shooting, a trip to a local rodeo and so much more!

Colorado Dude Ranch Horses

Also, there are redditors here. You are in good company.

Top 5 reasons you should vacation at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch:

1) We are flexible. You want to ride until you can’t walk? We have you covered. Want to play water volleyball all day? Game on. Want to browse reddit until your mouse stops working? We will be your intervention. Get off your computer, get on a horse.

Black Mountain Ranch

2) We are not a scumbag dude ranch. Dude ranch is a throwback to the days when cowboys started to work in the cities and still want to ranch it up. Wikipedia is our source, you love that shit.

This in turn led many people to have feelings of nostalgia for bygone days, but also, given that the risks of a true frontier were gone, allowed for nostalgia to be indulged in relative safety. Thus, the person referred to as a “tenderfoot” or a “greenhorn” by westerners was finally able to visit and enjoy the advantages of western life for a short period of time without needing to risk life and limb.

Horses On The Dude Ranch


3) Our cats party on our bar. Well, this really isn’t a reason but know that the internet loves cats.  Oh yeah, we have a saloon here.

Cat Bar Party Time

4) This is a family run establishment. No cookie cutter cruise ship shows, we talk with you and figure out what you want to do, and then make sure you are having a blast.  Want to learn how to ride?  Awesome.  Want to ride up to a high viewpoint and soak in some amazing Colorado scenery?  Done.  Here is the general manager Nowell, who came in 3rd for the most interesting man in the world:

Nowell May

5) Have better stories with great people. Our guests are from all around the world and seeing a safe but adventurous vacation. You share meals with some damn cool people from all walks of life.  We have awesome cabins, amazing food and a killer staff. 1-800-967-2401 or [email protected]


Horse Riding

Our cabins are rad, hand built by our family.
Cabins on the Dude Ranch

Need a final sell?  Check out our dude ranch video:

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