Exciting news this week! Our Rooster, who we all love so dearly (cough cough), produced a child! We were all skeptical, so Zach & Cyndy put eggs in an incubator and one of them hatched.  It is our first chick here in many years, Zach has named it Peeper and he or she is very cute. 

We had two groups of return guests this week. Shirite was back for her second trip with her grandpa and brought along dad for his first trip. She has been practicing roping since last year and was able to try roping the heel-o-matic this year. Best part: she caught! Alexei is getting bigger each year, I’ve watched her grow up for 4 years and this will definitely be her last year in a kid’s saddle. I was able to spend some quality time with Alexei and her family at the round pen and taught them how to communicate with their horse on the ground using their body language, which is pretty remarkable if you have not experienced it. 

We had many amazing guests this week; shout out to a few hard working nurses who were able to get away & relax! Our lovely British family was so sweet and thought the trip was “quite nice” (which means they really liked it). The Jersey boys were fun and brought me back to my East Coast days, and even though they were Yankees fans, we were able to get along.  

There were some great riders this week and our cattle drive was very smooth. We had one sick cow which Brice and Chris roped and administered medicine to; I will have an update on her next week. The Eagle County Fair & Rodeo was, as always, exciting! All of the staff look forward to the amazing food, mutton bustin’ & the Dirt Dance after the rodeo (this year it was a mud dance thanks to Mother Nature!). Now it is Sunday and we need to clean for our next group.

Until next week, enjoy life!

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