“What in Tarnation are the Wild Mustang Chronicles?” Debbie asks defiantly as quoted from her blog,  The Wild Mustang Chronicles. She is an intuitive animal communicator and healer, and an avid horse lover, having four horses of her own. She knows horses well.

Debbie writes,

“Wild Mustangs! These words rustle up a whole posse of tantalizing images: herds of colorful horses running freely across the prairie; powerful stallions rearing and fighting for mares; cowboys and Indians; lassos, latigo, spurs and dirt. They’re the stuff little girls’ dreams are made of. In fact, they fill this ole girl’s dreams as well. Why, I’d wear my chaps in the kitchen if I wasn’t afraid I might spill somethin on em!

What has become of the mustangs? Well, that’s what “The Wild Mustang Chronicles” are all about. I’m here to tell you that wild mustang herds still roam extensively in Nevada, California, Colorado, Oregon and eight other states. Their history has been perilous, colorful and controversial. Descendants from the horses brought to this country by the Spanish Conquistadors, our mustangs are alive and well. Beautiful and rugged, they have thrived all these years on sparse range, enduring extreme weather and climate……..

The intention of The Wild Mustang Chronicles is to shed light, impartially and fairly on all aspects of the lives of the mustangs. I’ll be traveling around visiting the herds, swapping stories with the folk who care for them and care about them. I’ll be spouting facts and anecdotes from their past, and covering events and news about their present whereabouts.”

Debbie is a wonderful horse woman and we look forward to hearing about her next encounter with the Wild Mustangs. One of her images, taken by Real Life Photography, based in Boulder, Colorado seemed perfectly captured to fit the haiku written and submitted our Dude Ranch Giveaway.

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