You have convinced your friends this is the year and booked your trip to Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch. What’s next? If you are wondering what to pack for your adventure, here are a few tips to help you before you hit the ranch.


First, Colorado is beautiful. We get an average of 360 days of sunshine, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t experience the occasional showers or chilly temperatures at night. Be sure to bring layers, a rain jacket, and view our packing list for other essentials at the ranch. If you have never been to a dude ranch and wanting to get the “cowboy” experience, read on.

For Horseback Riding: What is the best Riding Gear to bring to a Ranch?

With two months left before the summer season starts, it might be time to think about what you will need to bring with you for your stay. We have our handy packing list, but if you are looking to invest in a new pair of boots or wonder what some of our wranglers wear themselves, here is a list of our top picks.

Cowboy Boots: We recommend and encourage you to bring a pair of smooth soled boots for riding. If you don’t have a pair already, it’s always a good idea to break them in at home so the first 8 hour day you spend at the ranch isn’t the first time to wear them. A few of our favorite brands are Ariat, Justin and Fryes, which you can find online at places like Cavendars & Boot Barn. If you near a city with consigment or thrift stores, swing by and see if they have any in your size.

Jeans: A good pair of jeans are great for the trails and hanging around camp. If you are looking to purchase a pair, Wrangler, Ariat and Levi’s all make great pairs. If you are more accustomed to English Riding or prefer a tighter pair of pants, Irideon makes great riding tights that are always comfortable.

Hats: A good cowboy hat offers you the most protection from the sun and from some of the brush and trees we will pass on the long trail rides.

Chaps or Chinks: If you have them, bring them! If not, our friendly BMR wranglers will have comfy, broken-in pairs for rent or purchase!

Curious as to what a week looks like at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch? Watch this!


  1. Nicky Taylor

    Planning a weeks trip here in a couple of years time.  Cant wait, looks absolutely superb and perfect for what we want from a working ranch.  Nicky taylor U.K.

  2. James Black

    My friend went to a Dude Ranch in Colorado and he said it was the best experience of his life. He had a lot of issues but when he came back he was a so called normal person. I am not sure exactly what they do there but whatever they do it works!

  3. Donna Minelli

    Is it possible to bring my own saddle? I typically use an English Endurance Saddle and it’s been broken in for years, I would be willing to buy a properly fitting girth for whichever horse I’m assigned to! Thanks, looking forward to a trip here, looks so relaxing. 

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