Jessica Whalen and Indie

Happy New Year Readers!

Jessica Whalen, kissing the nose of her horse, Indie


Yes, yes, we all know that this is the time for new promises and resolutions to make 2013 so much better than 21012. And yet, these encouraging resolutions are usually completely forgotten by the end of January. Life seems to just get in the way when we try to take up healthier activities such as working out, when we try to improve ourselves and try to have a more positive outlook. But while most of us may try to make ourselves look better or act better on the outside, is that not sometimes another way to please those around us? Sure, losing weight can be a health-conscious decision, and an improved attitude can mend family life, but to those reading who want to lose 10 or 15 pounds to improve themselves aesthetically, or to those who feel that they need to speak differently or think in another manner in order to attract more friends and impress more people, maybe we should look inward and try to improve our lives by adding a little more inspiration.

As I’m sure you may be able to guess by now, nothing inspires me so much as a really good ride on one of my wonderful horses. A successful lesson on Dante, where we make every jump beautiful, and nail all of the tricky spots, can lift my mood for an entire week. Feeling my big boned Irish Draught Pride grow light in the bridle and spring underneath me, ready for any command can be so exhilarating, it simultaneously excites and calms my mind. And for the rest of the day my cares and worries seem lightened, and I feel like a whole new person. Nothing else comes close to this.

So I encourage all of you to look inside where you keep your passion safely tucked away, and make an effort this year to enjoy it. Because allowing yourself that time can do wonders for the rest of those resolutions you wanted to make to improve yourself. Need to lose a few pounds? Hit the barn, help clean stalls and bring in horses. Go on long rides, enjoy a gallop on some smooth terrain. Need a change in attitude to be more positive? Breathing some fresh outdoor air and escaping the toil of daily life for a few hours can lift your spirits and allow you to shake off the stresses that create the tension between your shoulder blades.

Four horses and riders heading out for a ride. One in front of the other. It is a mountain setting. The riders are surrounded by pine and ash trees. But, are in the middle of a small clearing.


So go out, and make a promise to yourself right now, that you will spend more time just relaxing with your horse. Not training, not showing, just bonding. You and your companion certainly deserve it after surviving the *ahem* apocalypse. And don’t forget to bring the carrots!



  1. Raylene Hampton-McCoy

    Love the message and so totally agree there’s nothing
    that’s lifts the spirits better than getting close with your animals…
    Raylene Hampton/McCoy
    [email protected]

  2. Tracy

    So true!

  3. jen

    Love this post… I really do live my life this way, spend as much time as I can down in my lil barnyard with my animals… being with them really does take everyday life stress away. I just got my 1st horse 3 1/2 weeks ago and love spending time with her… we are bonding, she loves her carrot treats. I have rode her yet… lookin forward to that in the New Year.

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