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Recently, the Today Show had a segment on rising travel trends titled: “The Quest for Quiet.” In the past few years, resorts and hotels have started offering accommodations that allow guests the chance to unplug. An idea that offers guests the ability to take a technology holiday.

More and more people seek destinations that offer accommodations without televisions or even wifi. New York times columnist Pico Iyer stated, in one of his latest articles, “The Joy of Quiet:” “The future of travel, I’m reliably told, lies in “black-hole resorts,” which charge high prices precisely because you can’t get online in their rooms.”

Whether Black Mountain Ranch is ahead of the curve in this innovative new idea or simply have embraced the true joy of quiet, we have always been a place to unplug and step out of the technological fray. Our guest rooms & cabins do not have TV’s, our wireless is closer to a dial-up connection from the 1990s, and there are no phones in any of the rooms. We love the idea that guest’s fall asleep reading a book rather than listening to a TV. Instead of spending multiple hours online, you can take a hike in the Rocky Mountains. Instead of texting or online games, your children have the chance to fly-fish and spend as much time as they want in a saddle.

So if you are looking for a “black hole resort” in 2012, come visit us at the our Ranch. Other resorts and hotels offer nightly rates for a room without a television that start around $3,000. For that same price you could spend a week with us and the only noises you will hear will be the sound of laughter, horses, and your heart rate slowing down as you relax at the ranch. As we start a new year where wifi is available at 30,000 feet, we challenge you to spend a week with us at the ranch and experience what a week of quiet can do for you.


Sold? Visit our new rates online! We can’t wait to see you at the Ranch!

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