Best of Week Six: Summer is in Full Swing

We had just shy of 40 guests this week. The Pichettes, who have been coming to Black Mountain Ranch for over 10 years were back. Mr. Zimmer also returned with his daughter and mother. The Hunter’s also returned, and the … Read More

Best of Week Five: Roadtrip to Pick up New Horses

Week five at Black Mountain Ranch was again, a full house! We had 42 guests at the ranch again. Most importantly, we went on a road trip and picked up some great new horses for y’all to ride! Amy, our … Read More

Best of Week Four: Full House

Almost a month into our summer season, we had a full house at the ranch. 41 guests stayed through the week most of them children. Apart from a little bit of rain on the way to the dinner ride at Jake’s … Read More

Best of Week Three: Adults Only Week Was Tons of Fun!

Week three of the season brought us our last Adults Only week until late summer. We had a full house, and it was a hootin’ time. Such a great group of fun-loving adults, the week had plenty of riding and partying … Read More

The Best of Week Two: Summer Has Arrived!

The sun is out! We are so excited that we’ve been getting some good old summer sunshine at last. We had a small group this visit the past week, just over ten guests here at the ranch. Two of our … Read More

Best of Week 1: Opening Week at the Ranch 2015

We had an amazing time at the ranch for opening week of 2015. Our Colorado Dude Ranch is all about having fun, riding, and enjoying time in the beautiful mountains. Come explore with us!

WANTED: Pack Camp Cook and Driver

An immediate opportunity to join the Black Mountain Ranch crew. You’ll be in charge of running our overnight pack camp trips, cooking dinner and breakfast for approx 20 people 2 nights a week. You’ll also drive our guests to the … Read More

Black Mountain Ranch – Unwind and Return to Nature, Colorado Style

There are so many options for vacationing in today’s market, why should you pick a family owned dude ranch in Colorado? Because it’s one of the best methods for resting and relaxation; a true chance to unwind from the hectic … Read More