BMR Best of Week 14. Sorry for the lack of communication, your friendly photographer was off for Week 13. Back in the saddle for Week 14 and the pitter patter of tiny feet has gone, the kids are back in school and it”s the first of our 4 adult weeks which round off the season. Great to rendezvous with regular returners – Joe, Debbie, Ali, Jeannie, Barb and Jeana as well as some new faces. It may be fall and the leaves just starting to turn on the trees but the weather was gorgeous and the rides were fantastic. The Wranglers vs Guests Arena Games (guests get saddles & bridles wranglers don’t) was a good laugh, guests scoring the first points on the board for 2016 and the saloon saw some enthusiastic dancing action both on the floor and on the bar! Rock on….Nx

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