Best of BMR – Week 15. Hi guys, the second week of our season ending adults weeks and we had 19 guests enjoying some great riding as fall arrived in the Rocky Mountains. Lovely to see returning friends Frankie, Kat and Nancy back laughing and smiling and bringing with them some fabulous costumes for Friday’s wrangler vs guests Arena Games. Welcome back also to Paul and Carol from the UK and the Bottings. Weeks like these feel BMR family reunions!

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bmr-week-15-40 bmr-week-15-41 bmr-week-15-42 bmr-week-15-43 bmr-week-15-44 bmr-week-15-45 bmr-week-15-46 bmr-week-15-47 bmr-week-15-48 bmr-week-15-49 bmr-week-15-50

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bmr-week-15-71 bmr-week-15-72 bmr-week-15-73 bmr-week-15-76 bmr-week-15-77

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