Colorado Dude Ranch Vacations

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Welcome to Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch! Are you looking for your next perfect vacation? How about the experience of being treated to true blue Western hospitality at a Colorado dude ranch!


Starting from the moment you arrive to far after your vacation ends, a trip to our Family Run Dude Ranch is a wonderful adventure!  You call the shots at BMR. Let yourself be treated to a week long all inclusive vacation while we take care of all the details and you kick back and relax, cowboy style!

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Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-967-2401 with any questions (or have us talk you through what a week at a dude ranch looks like!) Also, check out some helpful pages for rates and information and more about what a dude ranch actually is! We think a Colorado dude ranch is a perfect vacation!

Here is a sample week at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch. Go ahead, indulge yourself. We dare you.


Arrive at our dude ranch greeted by our friendly staff and wranglers! We arrange pickup from either the Vail or Denver airport or can easily direct you to our ranch from your location.

Settle into your cabin made from local lumber and orient yourself to your new surroundings.

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Colorado Cabins

After you have made yourself at home, our Chef will have a delicious BBQ dinner to welcome you to the ranch. Dinner at 8,200 feet just tastes better!


Then head to the Saloon to grab a drink and meet the other guests and wranglers.



After delicious home cooked breakfast and coffee to start the day, it’s time to meet your wrangler and head on down to the corral to get paired with your horse and take a short ride.

introduction ride at dude ranch

First Ride of the Week

Lunch is served outside to enjoy the cool mountain air, then off for another great ride. Nothing beats spending the day in the saddle! Head back to the ranch to watch the horses stampede by on their way to pasture while enjoying a drink at the saloon. A beer after a day riding never tasted so good!


dude ranch horses

End your day in the hot tub reading about the history of the area. Soak your feet and unwind with breathtaking views after a wonderful ranch style dinner.


Try your hand at skeet shooting down at the shooting range (no experience required). We have both clay pigeons and 12 or 20 gauge shotguns. The kids can explore our “Chicken Chalet”  and visit our baby goats.

dude ranch shooting range


Then it’s an afternoon trip spent whitewater rafting! We head down into town to hit the river and enjoy the afternoon on the rapids. If you are not in the mood to hit the waters, you can stay at camp and our Wranglers will take you out for a mellow afternoon ride.

Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado

Before dinner, head out into the pastures to walk up to hang out with the grazing horses.

Horses Grazing




Wake up early to help feed the goats! Nothing gets our younger guests more excited than to wake up to bottle feeding our furry friends!

Then it’s time for lunch, then a long ride up to Jake’s Lake for a dinner cooked over an open fire.

Have any questions so far?  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-967-2401 with any questions.


Canoe on the Lake




Black Mountain, Colorado

Sunrise yet again in the Rocky Mountains! After breakfast, it’s pack camp time! Enjoy a long ride  to the top of Black Mountain and then head over to a backcountry camp set up for you.

Ride to Pack Camp

Spend the evening outdoor grilling, story telling and wood chopping. Exchange stories at the campfire with a margarita in hand.

pack-camp-colorado pack-camp-forrest pack-camp medow-riding-bmr-colorado


Pack Camp

Enjoy the campfire as the moon rises and the stars shine brighter than you have ever seen!

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Ride in from Pack Camp. Soak those sore muscles with a morning in the hot tub or head out for a hike and then a swim in the pool!


Later, try your hand at roping (with instruction if you need it)!




Learn to Rope

Now it’s time for a trip to Steamboat Springs for the rodeo!

Rodeo in Steamboat Springs


Cattle drive!!! Head out in the morning and to help round up the Longhorns. We do a cattle drive every week and it is such a great adventure to try after a week spent with your horse and fellow cowboys at Black Mountain Ranch.


Time for a ride


Next challenge is to then get them all into the arena.

cattle-drive-black-mountain-ranch cattle-drive-bmr cattle-drive

cattle-drive-black-mountain-ranch cattle-drive-bmr cabins-bmr

The Arena

Now test your roping skills so we can check up on the calves.

Calf Roping

After lunch, we push them back up to the high country.

Time to celebrate an amazing week!

The Staff Celebrates

Settle in after dinner with a cocktail as you watch the locals use the arena for some calf roping practice.
Calf Roping


Watch the horses stampede for the final time this week.

Horses Running Through Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch


Wake up to our horses grazing outside your cabin, a sight you will be sure to remember.

horses grazing

Watch a new member of the Black Mountain family be born (this doesn’t happen all the time).

New Mom

Happy trails! See you next year!

Registered Texas Longhorns

Sound like a vacation you want to take? Remember, your vacation is flexible to what you want to do. This was a sample week, yours will be lead by you!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-967-2401 with any questions. Email at [email protected] too!