Creede, Colorado is looking to have a busier than normal summer. The town just signed a contact with the Lone Rangers production company and filming will start this June.

 While the cameras won’t roll until June, businesses in Creede are hoping for a head start on “The Lone Ranger.”

They’re hoping the set construction for the movie will carry this tourist destination past what’s normally a slow economic time of year.

On Friday, the small town west of Alamosa signed a contract with the film’s production company. The move clears the way for the start of set construction and an influx of workers

The Chieftian reported that The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger is wrapping up filming in New Mexico and will head to Creede next. Eric Grossman stated “They’re filming a movie that is set in the 1880s and 1890s, It’s what we have in spades here”.

lone ranger

We are equally as excited for actor playing Silver, equine Phoebe, who is said to fit right in as reported by the LocalTRIB. “She knows she’s different, and she just kind of goes with it,” Baruman said, “She’ll fit right in, in Hollywood” is said of the rare white horse bred that will star as the Lone Ranger’s horse. Hi Ho, Silver!

silver horse


  1. KDCreamer

    Good for your town. I hope all goes well for you all. KD

    • Kit

      We are not in Credde but are excitedf for the businesses that are there!

  2. Creedetard

    Living in Creede I hope this does good for our business owners.  Most are ready for the whole filming thing comes and goes quickly.

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