why hello giraffe

One of Black Mountain Ranch’s Wranglers, Andrew Hyde, spent last week hanging out in Nairobi, Kenya. He shared with us some of his pictures from his trip, and they got me thinking…

Giraffe Says Hi

Growing up training horses, I daydreamed about running off to join the Circus. Only, I would have a traveling Giraffe show, in which of course I would ride a Giraffe. Horses, though, are more common than Giraffe’s, not to mention it’s much easier to get a saddle on a horse than the sloped back of a Giraffe. So, I continued my equine riding, and went on to become an avid equestrian. That hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming, though. giraffe neck

I have yet to hear of a traveling circus with a Giraffe act, so maybe there’s a small chance the dream could still come true.


Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Andrew! His vagabond lifestyle reminds me to keep dreaming! If visiting Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch is a dream for you, it’s not too late to book at trip to visit us this summer! Watch our video to get a taste of what ranch life is like:

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  1. andrewhyde

    So much fun to see the Giraffes!

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