Man guiding horse through forest while it pulls a log


Simon Lenihan, a full time commercial horse logger, removes a Scots Pine tree from the Balmoral Estate with Salome Du Pre Renier, a 4 year old Belgian Ardennes horse, on Dec. 11 in Balmoral, Scotland.

I’m the first to admit, I am a sucker when it comes to equine photography and these images were too beautiful and interesting for me to pass by.

Man adjusting harness straps on horse

As a little girl growing up, I had a handful of truly remarkable experiences being surround by beautiful horses. My father was close friends with a gentleman who boarded a team of the Budweiser Clydesdale’s, so visits to the stables were not uncommon for me as a little girl. My father also had a close friend who owned a miniature horse farm, and one night in Texas Pat and his 30 miniature horses suddenly appeared on my front lawn in suburban Texas. To say these  moments are not easily forgotten is an understatement.

I’ve been working with a couple of Belgian draft horses for the past two years, whom have captured my heart. These gentle giants are a wonder to work with, embodying such power but equally as sensitive and intelligent. When I passed upon this article about the British Horse Loggers, an association that the Price of Wales is a patron of, I was captivated.

Manuevering horse around group of logs being cut and prepared for transport

The British Horse loggers promotes forgoing heavy machinery to prevent damage to vegetation, soils and water-tables.

Man hooking up a log to horse in a snow covered forest.

The BHL promotes horse logging as a viable and sustainable industry for the 21st century, benefiting our woodlands and our horses, keeping traditional and important skills alive.

Read more about the British Horse Loggers on their website and follow the British Festival of the Working Horse.

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