From DisneyParks Blog, How Does a Horse Become a Disneyland Horse?

Disneyland park is a special place to work – even if you’re a horse. Have you ever watched the horses strutting along Main Street, U.S.A., and wondered how they got a job at the happiest place on Earth? Me too! So I asked Alan Cooper, Equine Trainer Leader at Circle D Corral.

When casting a new horse for a role at Disneyland park, “what we’re looking for is comfort,” said Alan, who has been at Circle D for more than 25 years. He said that the handlers will observe things like interaction and personality when “interviewing” a new horse to work in the park – they look for one that will be comfortable when surrounded by lots of people and activity.

Alan also looks for horses that have unique colors and other visual traits – things that will be noticed by guests and create conversation.

And off to go enjoy the Parks! Happy Wednesday Ya’ll from Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch!.

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