When searching for a Colorado ranch vacation look no further than Black Mountain Ranch. Our vacations are packed full with great activities to try out while at our ranch!

At our Colorado ranch, there are plenty of things to do (or not to do). When you head out on vacation at our Dude ranch, you call the shots. Your week can be as busy as you like riding till the cows come home, or you can enjoy a peaceful week at our ranch soaking up the sun in our pool or trying your hand at fly fishing.

Horseback Riding. Our riding is available for all skill levels and types of riders. We have over 70 saddles, so if your bum gets a bit to sore in your first, let your wrangler know and we will fit you on another. Rain or shine (but in Colorado, we do get 360 days of sunshine!!), we always have rides leaving the coral to hit our fine trails and back country.

dude ranch trailsWe also offer personal one on one instruction if needed by our wonderful Wranglers. Spend an afternoon in the arena getting to know your mount and learning from the professionals. They do this everyday of the year, so you can find they know there way around a horse! Learn more about our trails or meet our fine dude string of horses.

Professional (and non professional Rodeos)steamboat springs rodeo

Take a trip on our Colorado ranch vacation to Steamboat Springs to enjoy a rodeo! What a better way to spend a friday night with family than watching the cowboys impress you with their tricks of the trade. You will feel like a pro the next day when we all go on a cattle drive.

We also have a “Wrangler Rodeo” on Sunday evenings where the May family and wranglers try their hand at roping our Texas longhorn steers! Watch along as they give you a taste of the west right at Black Mountain Ranch.

dude ranch wrangler rodeo

Swimming. What a better way to spend an afternoon soaking in the rays next to our outside pool. Better yet, relax after dinner have a soak in one of our two hot tubs, conviently located near the cabins. Step out your door to relax in 100 degree tub with a cold beer in hand. Not a bad idea, right?

Skeet and Trap Shooting. If you are coming to Colorado for a dude ranch vacation, you have to try your hand in the shooting range. We offer full instruction for you, with no charge for skeet traps or shells. When we say this is an all inclusive dude ranch, we mean it. Don’t take our word for it, come visit us!

Massage Therapy. Relax after a long day of riding and schedule an appointment with our certified and licensed  massage therapists.

Whitewater Rafting. Enjoy a trip down the Colorado with licensed professionals. Enjoy class two rapids and don’t be afraid to get wet!

Colorado Cookouts. If you are looking to eat breakfast over a hot fire, lunch in the woods, or dinner over a charcoal grill, we plan many meals outside of our dining room to give you the full cowboy experience.

cookout on dude ranch vacation

Square Dancing. Ready for some fun for children and adults alike? Head down after gourmet dude ranch cuisine for some good ol fashioned lined dancing. Our wranglers have their boots on and are ready to teach you how to two step! Kids are always welcome in our saloon so bring them down for dancing the entire family can enjoy!

dancing in our saloon

Hiking. What is better than hiking at 10,000 feet? Pack your hiking boots and enjoy beautiful walks and hikes around our expansive property.

Well what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to arrange your Colorado ranch vacation! 1-800-967-2401 or [email protected]

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