Hilary Tandy, blogger at BlackMtnRanch.com

My name is Hilary Tandy and I am a Junior Pre-med Neuroscience major at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. The road to Medical School is long and rough, but my frequent visits home to our farm in Magnolia, Texas to show my hunter and jumper makes the struggle more than worth it. Check out my blog for insight into how I manage to balance these responsibilities while maintaining my sanity, and I hope you also enjoy my anecdotes about growing up around horses and trying all sorts of disciplines.

We are very excited to have Hilary join our blogging team! Growing up as an equestrian girl myself, I remember the balance I needed growing up to keep my school efforts at the top of my game as I would rush off to the stables everyday after classes.

Hilary is a very talented an enthusiastic horse woman and we are very excited to continue reading! Be sure to check out her blog every Tuesday as she writes about horsemanship and the importance of life lessons and how they relate to her time in the saddle!

Please give her a warm welcome and check back tomorrow!



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