Meet our very playful Donkey! After a few weeks of deliberation and much help from our Facebook Fans, we’ve chosen the winner: Hugo! Suggested by Jacki Michell, we chose Hugo because everywhere you go, he (Hugo) goes!

Hugo playing around

Hugo came to us from a family in Montrose, Colorado.  It was an “arranged marriage” for Josephine who lost her partner Milton the donkey last year. She is still playing a little hard to get, but we are all sure Hugo will win her over in the end. 😉 She is slightly older than him, so we are giving her time to adjust to the dashing young chap! (Hugo is a four year old gelding).

hugo resting at our dude ranch

Hugo is a great sport and is fitting in quite well with the herd. Here is is at the front of the pack heading out to pasture after a long day spent with our guests playing and soaking up all of the love.

hugo leading the herd

He is an incredibly social little fellow, always hanging around the other horses and our guest. He was raised in a family with a lot of children, so he fits right in at our Colorado Dude Ranch!

Hugo at Black Mtn Ranch

Come meet him for yourself at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch! We are happy he has found his forever home!

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  1. Jim Evenson

    Will you please send me some information on vacationing there? Jim Evenson, 8200 45th Ave. N #204, New Hope, MN 55428

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