We talk to a lot of guests on the phone everyday.  Love it, we really do.  There seems to be quite a few common questions!  So rather than watch the morning rides go out today I thought I would answer them here.

1) How Flexible Are You?

This one is big for us.  At Black Mountain Ranch, you are in control.  Don’t feel like a ride (or feel like a long one)? Just let us know and we can design your stay to meet your dreams.  We help design it but it is flexible!

2) How are your kids programs?

A big question for the families out there.  We love families!  Families ride together, grow together (as we see it).  We can, but don’t really do kids only rides all week.  We like to have the family ride together unless they want to split up for different styles / speeds of riding.

3) How are the accommodations?

We love them!  Western themed and comfortable as can be.  Check them out at our dude ranch cabin’s page.

4) What is the food like?

You think ‘ranch’ and you think basic fare.  Add Black Mountain to your ‘ranch’ and you will change your mind.  Fresh, from scratch meals made to exceed your expectations.  A food blogger remarked this year “Kris’ food could be served in any cities upscale restaurants.”  You can see some of her dishes here.  Oh, and yes, she is family!

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