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So sorry for my late post, this week has been incredibly busy for me and my fellow sisters in my sorority. Monday marked the beginning of formal recruitment for the girls of Alpha Delta Pi at Baylor University, which means that we spend a week not sleeping, hardly eating, and rushing through our various responsibilities with the vigor of a Spartan warrior. Although it can truly be exhausting at times, come the end of the week when we have all of the new girls in our family it is so incredibly worth it.

I bring this up in order for the non-Greek life readers to understand how recruitment works. You talk to girls all day long, only spending about 5 or so minutes trying to get to know this person in front of you. It is usually helpful to talk about your own interests, to allow this potential sister to feel a little more comfortable in your presence. So as you can imagine, I often bring up the fact that I am an avid horseback rider and a life-long fan of these wonderful animals.

For those who never got the “horse-bug” as a little girl, or for those whose parents were not able to encourage it, most of them politely say “Oh cool!” and move on to the next topic. But for those who still passionately love these animals and for those who currently ride, the reaction to those simple words “I ride horses” is a beautiful thing to see. Their eyes light up, their smile grows wide, and an instant connection is formed. We bond over our love for this sport, and we share stories of what discipline we love most, what horses stood out to us most in our childhood, and why we love this incredible sport. I may be wrong, but I haven’t seen that type of reaction between any other sports, such as dance, volleyball, or soccer. There’s simply something about riding horses that doesn’t only bring us closer to these incredible animals, but also to each other.

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So while this week may be incredibly stressful for me and my closest girl friends, I thought it was so incredible that amongst all of the hustle and bustle, there were a few sparkling moments where I was reminded of my ultimate passion and can share that with a complete stranger. It can be so calming to simply reflect on your last really good ride, where the weather was perfect and your horse was perfectly responsive, and it is certainly something that can bring us all closer together.

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