“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” -C. Ozick

veterans horse by blackhorsephotography

This is by far one of our favorite patriotic horses we have ever seen. Taken by Larissa Allen of Black Horse Photography  (you can also find her on Etsy, too) her image evokes a visceral response in almost any viewer.

At Black Mountain Colorado dude ranch, we are remembering and celebrating all of those who have fought and served our country to protect our way of life. We are also remembering all of the fallen horses that have served in our countries wars. Of the more than 8 million horses that served in World War I, only a fraction survived. Today we will spend a moment in silence for all of the soliders and horses that have served to protect and fight for our countries honor.

Each year we are moved and humbled by our annual visit from Wounded Warriors. Young veterans come to visit our ranch and are treated to a very western day at Black Mountain. It is a wonderful and very important program, take time today to learn more about there program.  wounded warriors at black mountain ranch

black mountain ranch wounded warrior

veteran ride at black mountain

Celebrate your families veteran with a trip to Black Mountain Ranch next summer. We offer a military discount so be sure to ask when you give us a call at (970) 653-4226.


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  1. f.t.

    BMR was an experience I will remember for ever. I would love to go back again.
    I can’t think of a better place for a combat vet to find some real peace and serenity.
    As a Marine Nam vet, I know what these wounded warriors went through, and need now.
    I guarantee they will find it at Black Mountain Ranch. I found it but it took decades for me to get there from Nam. I hope to return one more time. One of the best times I had there was a walk I went on by myself to take pictures in a direction I hadn’t been yet. I go back there often, in my mind.

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