jimmy taking advantage of another beautiful colorado day

So various websites on the internet machine show that, on average, Colorado has 300 days of sunshine per year. I read this. It MUST be true otherwise they wouldn’t put it on the internet.

So, joking aside, lets say that we only get 275 days of sun a year. I read the criteria and there is no real solid meteorological definition of “days of sun per year”. So that could leave some of those days a little debatable. 275 starts to sound like a nice, fair number. That number, even diminished a little, is a lot of sunny days.

Today was one of them.

You would think that after all these sunny days, they might start to get a little old. They don’t. Not even a little. Especially in the wintertime.

Today, as I looked out around the mountains all covered in clean, white snow and dotted here and there with pockets of towering pines, firs and bare aspens, I wondered about what exactly it was that made these days so nice. Sure, the views are great, and obviously never get old, but it took a couple hours to really get to the bottom of just why yet another crisp, cold winter day, with the sun shining bright and not a whisper of wind make me grin like an idiot all day.

Reading back through my older blogs, I found the answer. I love the beautiful days so much because many of the 60 odd non-days we get a year come in the winter and are nasty. I mean really nasty. How exactly do you think that we could have 300 claimed days of sunshine AND ski resorts that claim 300 inches of snow a year.

Some really gnarly days, thats how.

So, without even realizing it, I have been enjoying the beautiful sunny days to the maximum because I knew that it wasn’t gonna be so nice at some point. Even when things were going not-so-great at one point today, I was ok with it, because, hey… It is a nice, sunny day today, and that is an ever-present reminder that I live in an amazing, beautiful place and have to enjoy it while it lasts.

That’s all. Back to the trenches I go…

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