Budweiser clydesdales star of 2013 commercial
Star of 2013 Budweiser commercial

Tomorrow is it. The game of all games, Super Bowl Sunday. We at Black Mountain Ranch, fans of both good beer and a good football game, will be watching. I personally am looking forward to the commercials and as a horse lover, the Budweiser one to be exact.

The day on which the Super Bowl is played is now considered a de facto American national holiday, and is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day. Crazy!

So what does the Super Bowl XVLII have to do with horses? With the game having such an expansive audience, the commercials are over the top, averaging $3.5 million for 30 seconds. This years ad will be sure to tug at the heart strings of any cowboy or cowgirl…

Spoiler Alert! Here is tomorrows ad, which might be the cutest thing I have seen since nursing our adopted baby goats last summer.

Just in case you didn’t get enough of the Clydesdales  here are a few more of our favorites:


Meet the newest member of the Budweiser team
Meet the newest member of the Budweiser team

facts about clydesdales


  1. 1221z28

    AWESOME love those gentle giants

  2. Kitzel Ruth

    So do we! Such beautiful creatures!

  3. Madeline Anderson


  4. Horselover...

    i always look forward to the next commercial and have never been disappointed!! I love the Clydesdales, ..a beautiful animal…..thank you so much for using the horses in the ads!!

  5. I wanna ride

    Almost had me tear up on this commercial because it is so surreal when it comes to our four legged friends.

  6. Lisa Lynn Hicks

    When I was little I would sit with my older brother while he watched the Super Bowl games and I would just wait patiently for the commercials with the famous Clydesdales. I would scream when they would prance and say mommy , daddy come see the horsies………..

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