So if you have been reading my blog posts the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed a theme. They are all posted somewhat late night on Friday, and so far have all started with some kind of  panicky “what the heck am I supposed to write about” statement. I would like to think that I am smart enough and diligent enough to be able to change this habit. Here is where you should note that I am writing this at 10:32 on a Friday night.

Don’t judge me. I’m working on it.

About 45 minutes ago, I turned on the great Clint Eastwood movie, “The Outlaw Josie Wales”. I thought it might put me in the mood to hammer out a great, inspired post. Indeed, it did inspire me.

cowboys at black mountain ranch

If you haven’t seen this great movie, you should. In it, a young Clint Eastwood plays a true cowboy, a loner out in the wild. He longs for the world to be a just and right place and eventually joins up with two indians and astride their horses, and with a good dog at their feet, they set to work.

I started to really see myself in the Josey Wales guy. He is a little on the cynical side, but can still see the good in people. He sees the mountains as his home and civilization makes him more than a little uncomfortable. Besides, he is ruggedly handsome and has a top- notch beard. Ok, so I don’t have a beard, but the rest of…

HOLY COW! He just shot those 4 guys!

On further analysis, I realized that all I have in common with Josey Wales is a similar looking horse.

I don’t have two huge revolvers holstered on my hips at all times. My family was not murdered by rogue Union soldiers. I don’t have a wise old Indian sidekick that I huddle around an anemic  campfire with, eating beans out of a cup.

I don’t wanna be Josey Wales at all!

Josey Wales looked hungry through about this entire movie. I like knowing that if I am hungry, it is because the dinner bell is about to ring and I am going to go eat some more of Bob’s cooking. When I do sit around the campfire eating dinner up at Pack Camp, the fajitas and margaritas have me feeling pretty good about things. I like knowing that when I am headed to dinner on Sunday, that I have Bob’s brisket and bread pudding to look forward to. I usually go with about a pound of each, just to keep things even.

I think that my life at Black Mountain Ranch has got Josey Wales life beat hands down. I get to spend my days doing the things that he probably would think was great without needing to do things like shoot a dozen bad guys to save the settlers from Kansas. I get to ride in the woods with really nice people all morning, and then go eat a great lunch. Our saloon is way nicer than his, too. Watch the movie. That place is a dump! Don’t get me going on the showers. I get to take a nice, hot shower at the end of every day. I don’t think Josey Wales showered, EVER.

All in all, here at Black Mountain Ranch, life is pretty darn good. We get the good cowboy life, without having to deal with the bad. And hot tubs at the end of the day. Can’t forget the hot tubs…

horses at black mountain ranch

See you next week.


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