One of the most memorable things about the ranch is the horses. You are matched with a horse that meets your skill level (and adventure level) and spend the week developing the relationship. Every night we send them from the corral to the fields for dinner and room to move. You will be hard pressed to find a staff member that misses it. It is an amazingly beautiful thing seeing 70 stampeding horses run by you. Although there is plenty of food for them in the field, the group dynamics of the band makes a few of them race, posture and compete.

Check out the frontrunner Nacho:

Leader of the Pack (Horse Stampede)

When you watch it every night you can start seeing personalities and tendencies. Some horses our out front, some are in the mid herd and some are dead last (looking at you Brutus). A horse is a beautiful animal, to say the least, and it is breathtaking to see a herd of them run right by, muscles flexing, ears searching, eyes focused and hooves pounding.

Horses on a Colorado Dude Ranch


We could write more about this but it is close to dinner, which is close to dinner being over, which is close to the horses running. You better believe we’ll be there!

Horses into the Sunset

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