Jimmy tart at Black Mountain Colorado Dude ranch

Well, here goes. This is my first crack at blogging. To many people in the world today, this is probably a pretty unimpressive task, but to me, it is a whole new experience. I am not gonna lie, the prospect of learning how to post blog on the computer is a little daunting to someone that is most accustomed to working with horses, chainsaws and guns.

For the last week or so, anytime I have found a free moment I would often end up turning the wheels in my head wondering what I should be writing about.  I would often end up just worrying over how I was going to actually figure out how to use the computer all on my own. After wasting quite a good bit of time doing this when I should have been stacking the huge pile of firewood in my driveway, the reality that I do indeed live in a different world from most people hit me like a kick from a mule.

Most of our guests at Black Mountain Ranch come from a different world than me, too. Which reminds me of a story…

A couple summers ago, I was sitting with some of our guests on the lawn in front of the lodge at our Sunday night BBQ, getting to know them and answering their question about how their first ever week at our Colorado dude ranch would go.

We talked about how different their life was back in the middle of the city in London while the kids fished for trout in the pond. Right about when we were starting into some bread pudding for dessert as the sun went down behind the saloon, their son excitedly called out. ” Dad! Dad! I caught a fish!” Well, Dad was just as excited as can be that his young son was taking so quickly to the great outdoors, and I expected him to go running over right away to help get the fish off the hook. But instead, he turned to me with a panicked look on his face and said in a low voice ” What do I do?!”

So there it is. Neither of them had ever caught a fish before, nor taken one off a line. How, or why, would you learn how to do this living in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the hemisphere?
I walked Dad over and showed him and his son how to take a fish off a hook. Keep in mind, I’m not the greatest fisherman, but I do know how to take a fish off a hook. I can’t even remember ever not knowing how to do so.

So there it is. Stepping into new worlds and having new experiences is a great part of life. I am honored to be a part of Black Mountain Ranch and to be able to welcome our guests every year to step on in to our life on a Colorado dude ranch.

Now if some of them could help me figure out what tags and links are…


  1. Michael Cummings

    Great story Jimmy. Its so true that we take our own environments for granted and don’t think about them until something seemingly absurd happens. I missed the ranch and all you guys this summer, for one because I don’t get this outdoor experience in the city that I was used to as a child growing up in a small town. Austin tries its hardest to be an outdoors place, but its not small town America….

  2. andrewhyde

    I remember the first time you took me into the corral with a bucket of grain attracting all the horses to surround us…. I thought they would eat me.

  3. Liz Wallace

    that’s so funny! I grew up camping and fishing a lot, and this girl has no problem touching a fish or baiting a hook…in fact, i love it! great first post by the way 🙂 and that is an awesome picture!

  4. Toni Smith-Hicks

    I love this picture!!!! 🙂 What a WONDERFUL LIFE……heeheee…YOU have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lynette

    you done a good job and i looked forward to reading more of your experiences there at the ranch as far as the tags and links go if there is a child in the household there ASK THEM lol (laugh out loud just encase you didn’t know the slang lol ) they are sure to know 🙂

  6. Tressa

    Well written

  7. Domino Cowgirl

    Loved reading the blog. I look forward to more stories. With my work schedule, I only get out to where I board my horse about once or twice a week at best. I used to see him every day. So reading your stories & seeing the great pictures posted makes me wish for more time in my schedule. Visiting your ranch is on my bucket list. I will be there someday to experience all the fun firsthand. Keep up the blogging. 🙂

  8. Tamar Porras

    GREAT JOB Jimmy! And what an awesome story. I had so hoped on coming to your ranch this past June for my 50th birthday, but alas….it didn’t happen. So I’m planning on coming next spring or summer!!! It has been a life long dream of mine to go to a real working dude ranch for that experience in really rounding up the cattle or the horses. I am an experienced horsewoman and have 3 of my own. But my Florida surroundings are a bit different than your beautiful location! Keep on blogging! I’ll be following you. 🙂 Tamar

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