What is a Dude Ranch?

Great question!  We get the question “what is a dude ranch” all the time! A Dude Ranch is a working ranch that also accepts guests.  In other words, this is a real ranch that you are welcome to come be a part of!   This is a taste taste of the old wild west (well, we add comfortable accommodations and amazing food that the original cowboys didn’t quite have…).

So what is a dude ranch?

A “Dude Ranch” is a working ranch that accepts guests to help out or vacation in a ranch environment.

Got it, that is what a dude ranch is

We operate a dude ranch in Colorado (north of Vail) and accept guests during the summer to stay at our amazing hand built cabins. This video shows you what we are talking about:

Your week long dude ranch package includes lodging, all meals, unlimited horseback riding, an overnight pack trip, a longhorn cattle drive, whitewater rafting, fly and spin fishing, rifle and trap shooting, a trip to a local rodeo and so much more! You will be able to answer “what is a dude ranch?” is with pride!

What is a Dude Ranch? Horses!

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