If you have booked your vacation at Black Mountain Ranch for this summer, here is a great guide for what you should bring, for on and off our horses. If you haven’t booked your week yet, what are you waiting for? Call us today! Here is a handy guide of what to bring for your stay at our Colorado Dude Ranch.

at our saloon on black mountain ranch


  • Sunglasses- You will use these all the time! Colorado is sunny 360 days of the year!
  • Sunscreen- SPF 15 and remember to reapply every 2 hours. Also bring waterproof for our river rafting trip!
  • Bug repellent- Can be handy, especially for the evenings.
  • Camera and Charger
  • Flashlight- For Star Walks and Pack Camp
  • Phone Card- Your cell phones typically don’t work at the ranch, so why not unplug! (We have phones on the ranch, but you will need a calling card or phone card for long distance calls.)
  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen


Other than our suggested riding gear, here is a list of great essentials you will be happy to have packed!

  • A light jacket or fleece. Our friends over at Patagonia make great eco-friendly layers and you can always find styles on sale.
  • If you are coming early or late season, a heavier down jacket or shell is always helpful as the temperature in Colorado tends to drop in the evenings.
  • Bathing Suit (We have a pool and also go on a rafting trip!)
  • River Shoes or Sandals you don’t mind getting wet. Chaco’s always makes great river shoes!
  • Shorts for hanging around camp during the day
  • Lounge pants (Either sweatpants or yoga pants are great for the pack camp trip)
  • Dancing Shoes for the evenings in our Saloon!
Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado

If you have any other questions of what to bring, you are welcome to give us a call at 1-800-967-2401! We look forward to seeing you at the Ranch!


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  1. vaness

    I found Colorado is one of the best place it comes of dude ranch vacations. My family always do a reservation.

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