worlds smallest cowboy

Little Royce Gill, from New South Wales, Australia is pictured here with his six-year-old pony, Maybelline. At two and a half years of age, he is a seventh-generation rodeo rider.

Originally reported on the Daily Mail, his father champion rodeo rider Ryan Gill states ‘We breed 200 calves purely for bucking bulls and 300 horses for rodeos, so there’s not much else around for Royce to play with.”

Pretty adorable if you ask us. Talk about following in your fathers footsteps! He competed, and even though he didn’t place (since he was competing with riders 16 years his age) he has a great attitude and adorable spirit!

Can’t wait to see where this little cowboy goes!


  1. Sherry

    Adorable!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Wrangler Kit

      Of course! We can’t get enough of horses paired with adorable! Thanks for stopping by our Colorado Dude Ranch!

  2. Karengill

    This is our much loved and much adored grandson I can’t believe how much interest there has been in him. We are 7 generations of Rodeo in Australia and he is just following in his family’s footsteps doing what we have done for over a hundred years . Hopefully he will continue in the family sport .
    Karen Gill proud grandma

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