Josh was born in Huntington Beach, California. He calls many places “home” including Georgia, Michigan, Colorado, and pretty much all of California. Sports kept Josh busy growing up as he participated in football, baseball, water polo, martial arts and of course all beach/water activities. He loves surfing and playing beach volleyball with his friends.

Josh volunteers with SWAT (Summer Winter Action Tours) which is a leader in the student travel industry providing specialized trips for high school and college kids. He goes on 4 trips a year with around 3000 students. In the winter they travel to Utah and Lake Tahoe for snowboarding and then to Cancun and Lake Havasu for summer trips. He has a passion for traveling and serving as a mentor for the SWAT kids.

Josh became interested in becoming a cowboy when he worked at a ranch in Southern California and then joining the Black Mountain Ranch family this summer. Team roping and bull riding has become his new passion and when he’s not swing dancing (or two stepping) in the saloon, you can find him practicing his roping skills.  When he leaves the ranch he plans on becoming a firefighter and flight medic.

Funny Fact: This beach baby has become quite the bull rider!

Favorite Ranch Memory: “I have two favorite ranch memories. First, would be my first time team roping and catching a steer on Wally. Second, would be swimming at Johns Pond with one of my favorite horses Duke”.

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