Wrangler Page enjoying our Dude Ranch

Paige started riding 20 years ago in Ashland, OR. She mucked stalls in exchange for lessons when she was only 8 and stills scoops poop today….and loving it. She has been wrangling at Black Mountain Ranch for three seasons. Her favorite activities at Black Mountain are fly fishing in the lakes above the ranch and going on long rides requiring trailer pick up. If she was a BMR horse she’d be Sweetpea, always friendly, curious, and hungry. Paige is accompanied everywhere by her Shepard/Collie mix named Pistol, who has a pink nose, great smile and gives High Fives.

In the winter Paige migrates to Lake Tahoe, CA to work on Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol. She loves skiing the backcountry, using explosives to mitigate avalanche hazard, and occasionally evacuating injured skiers from the mountain. Before coming to Black Mountain Ranch she worked as a white water raft guide on multi day trips all over the West. Her favorite rivers are the Futaleufu in Patagonia, the Tatshenshini in Alaska, the Grand Canyon, and the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho. In between spring and winter Paige loves living out of the back of her truck and rock climbing. She is a 2007 graduate from the University of Utah Geography Department where she studied snow science and got her WFR and EMT. This fall she will be returning to Salt Lake City to pursue Applied GIS and Remote Sensing, just in case she wants to “get a real job”.

Favorite Ranch Memory: Riding Penny the horse bareback to Jake’s Lake where they went swimming.

Funny Fact: Paige’s Great Uncle Marvin was killed when lightning struck his belt buckle while riding his horse. Paige has inherited and wears this belt buckle everyday- except during lightning storms.

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