Fun in The Dude Ranch Saloon

Recently while researching for our upcoming Yoga at The Ranch Adults Only Week, that is happening this August, we stumbled upon a new (to us) trend in equine: Yoga. One of the founders of this movement, Linda Guanti, based out of British Columbia holds workshops and classes for people to bring their horses and explore the richness of combining these two worlds.


Now we are pretty sure most cowboys won’t be itching to sign up, but we do think there is some really good stuff going on here. If you are interested in exploring the connection, please join us August 26th-September 2nd for our rich and unique week of yoga, horseback riding, and all the amazing things we have at the ranch.

We will have three different certified yoga instructors teaching 1-2 classes per day and our wranglers will help you slow down in the saddle and enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds you when you spend a week at the Ranch. This is open to any adults 18 years of age!


If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]! Grab your yogi friends or come solo, either way we promise you won’t forget this amazing week at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch!



  1. Shieldssuzyq

    It sounds lovely. I wished I could come.

  2. Nicky Taylor

    Me too, wish I could come.  But alas, I shall be working at home in the UK.  I practice yoga daily.  Yoga with horses sounds very intriguing.  What a beautiful idea.

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