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Bitter and Sweet

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Saying goodbye to y'all but don't worry! There's still a few weeks of the season left

The summer will continue on for the rest of Black Mountain Ranch until closing day on the 13thof September. 

As far as last weeks go, this one was pretty darn good. Our new puppy, Moose that we got last weekend, has impressed me and we are stoked to have him around the ranch. It’s a healthy upbringing for him to experience the guests, horses and all our other dogs and goats and chickens. He’ll stay here with Christian to finish out the season and soon we’ll be driving cross-country with him back home. My mother’s surgery went well yesterday and she’ll be home Monday when I am also flying in to take care of her. Hoping she heals well over the next month. 


Back to ranch life! This week we have 17 guests and it is our last kid’s week. We have a veteran family, we have returners, we have a two-week solo guest, and we have new comer families, literally every type of guest came this week and we’re happy to have them! Our veteran family came to us from Georgia and have never really ridden before so this week they’re all testing out their cowboy boots! Jared is visual and hearing impaired but has had a blast this week riding and hanging out in the saloon, always in good spirits every morning. Marilyn was bar tending one evening and said they had the cha cha slide going in there and all the kids were dancing and singing and Jared and his wife Jamie were just all smiles. We played it again on Thursday night and everyone, even the ropers on their horses joined in the show.


Tuesday when everyone was gone in the afternoon for Pack Camp, Jess, Marilyn, Christian and myself decided to use the free time to take family photos of Jess, her dog Kimber and her favorite horse Sheriff! I took out an old dress from the 1970’s and Marilyn picked me a few flowers and we wandered the fields with puppies and horses to take some photos. I hope y’all enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed taking them! Meanwhile, at pack camp, Cyndy May and Zach ran pack camp and every single guest said they loved every minute of it. I’m pretty sure most of them slept outside, which is always my choice of sleeping cause the stars are so dang pretty way up at 9,000 plus feet. It really is worth it, plus our sleeping bags are warm and comfy! We have cots too, so take those out of your tent and your above ground and super warm, definitely a highlight for all involved.


This last Thursday, as usual, Christian and I were bar tending and Christian got to DJ with his great spotify playlist since Alan sadly injured himself and was unable to play as normal on Thursday. Hoping he heals quickly for sure! Live music is always a highlight but it was a nice change up and a lot of fun to take requests and to dance with the guests. 

The Babineau family is here with us this week and one thing that always brings me such joy is when a kid or teenager shows up quiet and by day 2 is talking and becoming more bold and ready to take the week head on! It’s tough sometimes for shy/quiet individuals to break out their shell and Taylor quickly became one of my favorite people on the ranch. She knows how to ride too! Which is always fun to see in the arena and in wrangler games. That whole family were good sports and so much fun to talk to. Hoping we’ll see them back here before too long! And hoping we can make ti down to their part of the country for some fishing! Making friends is something we pride ourselves on here at BMR. 


We also had the Yardley family here this week and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations, sometimes people are just simply kind and loving and you enjoy just being around them. For me, that was the Yardleys. Thank you for being so pleasant! 

I wish I could be out on the trails and spin you tails of Black Mountain herself or the bridge down at Rock Creek, I want to tell you about the sweat and dirt of the cattle drives but working in the office I only get those experiences from seeing it in our guests eyes and their kids excitement or laughter as they talk about the trails and what they saw or learned. It’s beautiful out here and so our the people. I literally just poked my head up and saw that the cows and all our riders have made it back for lunch!!

Just a few weeks left! I’ll miss writing these. Hope you’ve enjoyed them and hope y’all get to come on out and experience BMR yourself. 

I held onto the video in this blog for a few weeks now for the end of the season. Not knowing I was leaving early, so it seems appropriate to attach it now for your viewing pleasure and a proper send off.  I hope you enjoy it as it is something fun and super cool to see in person. It started off mid summer with just 2 horses goofing off and now we’ve kept it up week after week as something impromptu and fun to do. Enjoy!


HAPPY TRAILS Y'ALL!! Be safe and stay kind.

Amber IZ



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