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Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch is one of the top guest ranches in the world, hosting guests every summer to give you a taste of the West. We offer unlimited horseback riding for an adventurous, authentic vacation.




BMR 2016 Summer Week 17

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Best of BMR Week 17 - the last week of the season went out with a bang. After sunshine and gorgeous fall colours we had snowfall at the end of the week. Made for an interesting cattle drive! A dramatic end to a fabulous season. Thanks to everyone who shared it with us. We love you!

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The Beauty of Colorado

Have you ever traveled to a dude ranch? Spending a week in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is a wonderful horseback riding vacation for the entire family to enjoy! We offer pack camp trips, fly fishing, skeet and trap shooting, and of course plenty of time on horseback. All meals are included in your package, so no need to worry about a thing when you spend a week at our ranch!

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A Sample Week at BMR!

Every week is different but the fun is always the same!  If you're curious about the week start here! 






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All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service

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