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July 14th - 28th The weeks themselves turn into a Rodeo

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The week of the 14thto 21stbrought us people from Germany, Scotland and of course multiple states across America aging from as young as 7! For those wondering, our cut off age for riding is 6yrs old but we do accept guests younger if they have a parent or an adult to watch them. This week brought us some fun and respectful kids, which is always a gamble as we’re getting to know people out here. I got the honor of teaching Waylon, JT, Charlie and James, who were all young gentleman under the age of 14, how to dance that week. Dancing is a special skill to have growing up as a lot of the classic country art form is being lost in the modern world in favor of other genres or line dancing, which Emily teaches here! Line dancing is not my specialty haha some of them I can do but overall, I like to stick to other styles. Grayson Capps stayed with us on the ranch this week and graced Pack Camp with his voice and guitar picking, he played late into the night and almost all the guest slept outside the tents and under the stars. I couldn’t make it up, but I heard it was beautiful and that Rita got to sing and play with Grayson as well. 

We got lucky and Joan was able to tag on last minute with her son Doug and granddaughter Alexei. They are such a kind and welcoming family; Joan even told me she’s adopted me as she had already adopted Blanka. Some weeks we turn into family, and this was one of those weeks. They have been coming here for awhile and the staff that’s been around for a bit have enjoyed watching Alexei grow both in height and in horsemanship. 

I made particular friendships with a family from Germany; I ate most my meals with them and enjoyed swapping stories and drinking wine together. I promise if I ever make it back across the pond I’ll be sure to visit you in Berlin! I had asked to teach Stefan to dance as well, he had never danced in his whole life he said and now wouldn’t be an exception. I respected that but as Saturday came around, Andrea (his wife) told me to ask him again and he obliged should I not record anything! We all promised and after his nerves wore off we got a good two-step down and they all silently cheered at his progress as not to disturb him - he sent me a lovely email thanking me for the lesson and hopes to visit us again. It would be wonderful to have them all as guests again.

Our favorite thing here is that we get so many returning guests, not a week has gone by without at least one set of returners. This means so much to us as a staff. We work here, yes, but we also live here and have fun here! We strive to make it a place people are relaxed and welcomed to, so to all you returners out there - THANK YOU! We enjoy creating more and more memories. 

Living on a ranch with 100+ horses, some ducks, lots of dogs, goats, chickens and a mini pony means crazy things happen and no one is immune to that, but our chances might just be raised a bit higher! Brice’s palomino Blondie had gone lame on the right front side so was resting in Amy’s yard so to restrict how much they can run around. Mares can be temperamental at times and Stitch was also in there healing but nearly healed; Stitch managed to corner Blondie and gave her quite a few good kicks before we could all run over and try to help - shouting can only do so much. Blondie got hit pretty dang good between the legs and needed internal and external stitching. She’s gonna be resting for awhile but due to quick reactions, we got her over to the vet and now she’s just gotta rest up! She’ll be good before too long. 

This last week was a wild one! So many kids and adults, Mike even brought us more than a few BMR signs to put up around the ranch. Him and his wife have been here before and returned with their two adult kids this year. Nowell and Brice were both excited and honored to hang these signs up and can’t thank them enough for being fantastic guests! They enjoyed card games like Oh Sh** and Uker (probably spelled wrong), and they kindly attempted to include me in these games - I’m not the most card savvy person so I sat out most the time so they could fully enjoy themselves. Thank you to Rienne, AJ & Abbi for making a friend out of me and the week a hilarious and beautiful one! I won’t soon forget any of you and I’m sure we’ll keep contact. The board shifted one last time and forever will live at the end of week 9! Inside jokes are allowed in blogs right? Haha I hope they read this so it’s not a complete waste! 

Thursday night did not disappoint with Grayson Capps playing for us again. AJ's dancing lessons paid off and everyone was laughing and singing and just enjoying everything the night had to offer. I'd do that Thursday night all over again if I could!

I think last week we set the record for how many sodas one week can drink! Those kids were in love with their orange crush and pepsi. There was so much going on last week that it’s hard to wrap my head around, I want to mention so many great guests! Joff and Kelly made us all laugh, Lisa and Kevin give everyone a great conversation and can’t wait until next year! Maureen and Kenneth! Okay, I have to say it, you’re accents were so much fun! The sarcasm level y’all gave made talking to you an adventure. Thank you Maureen for all your kind words! Petra I hope you had a great time despite feeling unwell and Suzanne! I’m sorry we only got one photo together Saturday! 

The 80th Eagle Rodeo & Fair was Friday night and so all the guests and most of the staff headed into town for dinner and fun. Rita, Katie and I did the big slide and I swear we were the oldest ones by about 10 - 15 years. No regrets!! We also won a few game prizes and the shooting game guy even told me how he makes sure no one wins when his stock is low! Carnies, always out to beat the crowds somehow. The rodeo was great but man those bulls, not a single score on any of them the whole night! I really felt for the pick up men, bullfighters and the cowboys this night! Hope they’re all healing up well cause a few of those guys, really flew.

Saturday was bittersweet, saying goodbye is never easy when you make friends. You hope to keep contact but there is so much work to be done and no cell service! Sure I have wifi in the office but it’s just not the same as the outside world. 

Looking forward to more weeks to come! 

Amber IZ

PS: Maggie had a few dates this week with a beautiful grey, white Aussie so fingers crossed that there will be some little ones like Maggie Mays around the ranch in due time!



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