At Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch, we are a real working guest ranch. Not only do we keep our 70 horses, herd of cattle, we also have two chicken coops (currently finishing the chicken chalet), bunnies, and five adorable Colorado born rescue goats.

baby goat at black mountain ranch

These adorable little fellows were adopted after either being rejected from their moms at birth or runts struggling to get fed at meal time. We decided three years ago to start adopting these guys to give them a new chance at life and some TLC. Our wranglers and staff enjoy the challenge of 4 times per day bottle feedings, and the kids and families enjoy partaking in the feedings! brother goats at our family dude ranch

Nothing is betting then coming back from a long ride to hear their excited bahhhs as you roll into camp horseback. We really love all of the aspects of a hard working dude ranch, and are very happy to call it home.

We hope you come to visit us this summer at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch! Check out our string of dude horses that are professionals at showing you the best time at our Family Dude Ranch!


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  1. Masterscann

    I raised Boer goats! About 200. They are soo cute, especially the babies playing on the giant rocks (boulders) we put in their yards! People stopped along the road for hours taking pics and watching (from a safe distance). With a rampant coyote problem we kept Meremma dogs (they adored children) but unknown adults had to keep a distance.

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