Meet Jacki Michell! A fourth year wrangler at Black Mountain Ranch, Jacki brings back her infectious attitude, beautiful smile, and great horsemanship.

Jacki Michell

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she packed up her truck, drove across the country, and has never looked back. Officially a resident of Colorado, Jacki spends her summers in McCoy at our dude ranch and her winters in Vail.

Beyond her duties as a wrangler, Jacki serves as our licensed massage therapist at the ranch. So after that long ride and day spent in the saddle, track her down for a massage in your own private cabin.

Jacki at black mountain ranch

Jacki’s favorite meal is the dinner ride where our ranch manager, Nowell May cooks up at Jake’s Lake. She has been riding since she was 11 years old and after her first experience she is surprised she ever got back on. Jacki is great in the saddle and we are so happy to have her back for her fourth season!

I asked Jacki a few questions and she was happy to oblige!

What are a few things that people might not know about you? 

  • Thatcher’s (Brice and Cyndy’s son) feet are bigger than mine!
  • I’m a great pancake maker.
  • I was the 34th resident of Mc Coy, Colorado.

What is your drink of choice? 

Captain N’ Ginger! 😉

Do you have a favorite horse? 

Yes! Desperado! I could tell ya, but i’d have to kill ya! 😉


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