Meet our Wrangler Kyle Henderson

Meet Kyle Henderson! Another first year Wrangler, Kyle comes to us from Oklahoma where he just finished his studies at Oklahoma State. He has been riding horses since he was a little tyke and is a very welcome addition to our family.

Kyle at the Saloon

Kyle loves to lope so if you are looking to head out and get off the beaten path, Kyle is a fan of the open country. He is a great sport and a patient teacher, so if you are new to living our “dude ranch life” he is a great wrangler to help get you adjusted to being in the saddle.

Kyle riding up to pack camp

Here are five things that you might not get out of Kyle while up at the Ranch:

1. I punched the devil in the mouth and still live to tell the story.

2. I was raised by a pack of wolves.

3. I caught a bullet with my bare hand once.

4. Despite what people think, I do have a brain.



  1. Nöra Bēa

    I would be interested in visiting in Spring 2013… what are the rates at that time?

    • Kit

      Thanks Nora! What is your email address and I’d love to send that information your way!

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