Meet the staff and team of Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch!

staff at black mountain ranch

Our staff is from all around the world and shares a common passion for horses, the mountains and showing guests an amazing time. When you visit Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch, whether for a family vacation or on an adults only week, we want you to feel at home! Meet the 2012 team that is here to show you a good time and have fun while doing it!


Nowell May, Ranch Manager and Kaylee Jacobson, Everything Woman

Nowell May, Ranch Manager at Black Mountain Ranch

Kaylee Jacobson, Black Mtn Ranch


Brice May, Barn Manager & Cyndy May, Heads our Horse Health Program

brice and cyndy


Ryan May Project Manager and Amy May, Office Manager and New Mom

ryan and amy may


Mama May

Mama May at Black Mtn Ranch



Anna Simmons, Head Wrangler

Read her bio and get to know our head wrangler, Anna!

Chad Shoulders, Wrangler

Wrangler Chad Shoulders

Read more about Wrangler Chad!

Jacki Michell, Wrangler and Ranch Massage Specialist

Jacki Michell

Read more about our 4th year wranger here!

Jessica Whalen, Wrangler

Jessica Whalen

Want to read about Jessi? Do so here!

Kyle Henderson, Wrangler

Meet our Wrangler Kyle Henderson

Read more about our first year wrangler Kyle!

Amy, Wrangler

Amy at Black Mtn Ranch


Helen Lauth, Wrangler

wrangler helen at black mtn ranch

Helen has been a great addition to our team! Read more on our blog!

Ethan Eckstein, Wrangler

ethan eckstein, wrangler


Victoria Thurlby, Wrangler

Victoria Thurlby


Chef Bob, Head Chef

chef bob

Andrew Schneider, Sous Chef

Andrew Schneider

Mamie Moreau, Head of Hospiltality

mamie moreau

Floriane Meylan, Hospitality

Flo Meylan

Connor Pichette, Kitchen Staff and Hospitality

connor pichette

Jack and Polly, Support Team for almost everything.

Jack and Polly, Black Mountain Ranch

David and June Suckling, Summer Ranch Opening Team

david and june suckling


Andrew Hyde, Vagabond and Minimilist

Kitzel Ruth, Social Wrangler

Want to be a part of our staff?  Check out our application page!



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